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These Facts Smell Good

Fernando Alarcon

Posted on June 24 2019

These Facts Smell Good

Colognes have always been an item I never really put much thought into. If it smells good I'm all for it. However I started noticing that every bottom either said Eau Fraiche, Cologne, Toilette or Perfume. I then started doing my homework on this and found out that they all have a different level of concentrate. Some are more diluted than others so the smell wares off quicker. 

Eau Fraiche contains about 1-3 percent perfume oil and it will typically last you about an hour or so. Given said that you'll probably have to give yourself a few good sprays thus causing you to stock up more often, and those dollars add up. 

Cologne is the term we use in North America, I guess calling it perfume makes it feminine here. Cologne contains about 2-4 percent perfume oil and last about 2 hours. Again, more sprays means more trips to the store to stock up. 

Now there is Toilette, Toilette has a higher percentage coming in at about 15% perfume oil. With a higher perfume oil content a Toilette should last you anywhere between 3-5 hours depending on your physical activity. 

Last but not least, Perfume or Parfum. Perfume has the highest oil content ranging between 15-20 percent. You guessed it, this bad boy will last you for a little over 8 hours. Thus spraying less but lasting you longer. Perfume are usually the most expensive route to go but if you take into consideration the amount of Cologne you'll go through they may add up to be about the same if we went with a Perfume. 

Quick note, if you decide to buy a scent with a higher perfume oil content make sure not to spray it on your clothes because it will stain it. With Eau Fraiche and Colognes that isn't the issue since the oil percentage is so low. Spray Perfume on the back of your wrist, knees, and neck and don't rub your wrist together. Rubbing will crush the molecules of the fragrance and ruin the scent.  

Next time you're at the fragrance section at your local retailer notice these little things. Smell all sorts of scents and see which have a higher potency. Just give those coffee beans a smell every now and then the clear your scent palate. 



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