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What's In Your Pockets?

Fernando Alarcon

Posted on June 25 2019

What's In Your Pockets?

I have the habit of patting myself down before I leave anywhere. Left pocket holds my cell phone, right pocket holds my keys, chapstick, and eye drops, right back pocket holds my wallet. Those are the items I do not leave the house without. Occasionally I'll carry different things such as a pack of tea tree oil toothpicks, my air pods, or as silly as it sounds a novelty bitcoin-coin. I'm very superstitious so if I carry that bad boy with me the markets are in the green. 

As far as accessories items I can't live without they're pretty simple. I love sunglasses, especially my Ray Ban Hexagonal Flat Lenses. They go well with literally any outfit, whether you're dressed dapper or just hanging out in basketball shorts. My apple watch, at first I thought it was the most useless thing in the world but try taking it away from me and I'll bite your arm off. This thing is amazing! It's so convenient in ways I would of never thought. Sure the 'Breathe' feature can get pretty annoying but just turn it off in your settings. Lastly, I wear the same Diesel leather bracelet everyday with the words 'For Successful Living' on it. I have some sentimental value to it, I got this bracelet the first day I started working in the fashion industry and it acts as a small reminder of how much I've learned and to continue learning and growing. In life you have to be your own cheerleader which is why I wear this daily as a reminder to keep pushing the envelope. 

On those days where I wake up late and need to leave in a hurry I typically save time by not styling my hair. So that's where hats come into play. I love Goorin Bros Animal Farm hats, they make good conversation since they're subtly inappropriate. If I don't wear a Goorin Bros hat that when I rock my Dodgers hat. My favorite Dodger hat is my 47's and Carhartt collaboration hat, I picked it up in two colors, navy and khaki. Which lives me a lot of room for styling them in different ways. The khaki one I wear with darker colors such as black or grey only because it pops out. The navy I normally wear with light colors such as heather grey or white, again because the hat tends to pop more with those colors. 

Do you have any weird ritual you do before leaving your house? Or do you have that one item that brings you luck? Let me know all about them. 

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